Berlin Day 4 – Berlin Story Bunker

The last morning in Berlin before the flight back to Düsseldorf. The first 2 nights was without breakfast as I redeemed points for my stay. The last night was chargeable and came with breakfast

What a lovely spread. Of bread I mean haha. The cold cuts and cheese were pretty standard, but I loved that they had atas stuff like avocado! Eggs were cooked upon order, which the staff came promptly to ask for my order the moment I got into the restaurant. The bacon was so well cooked it practically crackled like chips! Was a good wholesome breakfast that lasted me thru lunch.

The night before I was contemplating some shopping today but figured that I can do that in Düsseldorf later in the night anyway so eventually decided on the Berlin Story Bunker, a museum that was also recommended in the Berlin Welcome Card guide. The reviews on TripAdvisor were pretty encouraging too.

Directions : Train to Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park station on U2, exit Reichpietschufer St, then turn left you’ll see the park. Go along it till you see Schöneberger St and turn left and walk on about 100m. There’s a huge yellow sign on one of the buildings before that, easy to find.

This is an original air raid bunker constructed during WWII converted into a museum. There are 2 museums here but most people are here for Hitler – How could it happen?

Entrance fee is €12 but with the Berlin Welcome Card, it’s a reduced price of €9. Cloakroom and lockers are free of charge here but audio guides are chargeable at €1.50 and I highly recommend it.

No photos are allowed throughout the entire exhibition so not many photos to show. But it was the best museum this trip! It was a very detailed recount of Hitler, from his birth to his participation in WWI and then him leading WWII, his extremism thoughts and eventually his death. With lots of photos, documents, even video clips and never before heard stories/information about him. Never knew he was such a great painter and that his charm when he spoke was a result of his love for theatre, that of Richard Wagner’s. There seem to be a positive correlation between a love for the arts and psycho leaders. Ludwig II was also a lover of the arts, theater especially and also a big fan of Richard Wagner.

Some never before seen photos on display was heartwrenching, one of those etched in my mind was that of a naked woman, carrying her naked toddler, amongst a group of women walking towards a mass grave where I suppose they were eventually killed and buried. The whole ideology of conquering the world, the holocaust and gas chambers being an efficient way of mass killing, is just so warped. Really, why? Why Hitler? How could this happen? And I think walking thru an original bunker has this chilling effect as one walks thru the exhibit.

They even recreated the living room area where Hitler killed himself. He died in another bunker (#4, this is #10) but the one on display is exactly the same size, with all the furniture placed in the exact orientation as well. And he’s so determined to die he tested the poison pill on his beloved dog and watch it die before killing himself. I wonder if anyone could really ever knew what was going thru his mind. Was it shame or was it pride? Did he regret any bit of his actions?

I’m just so glad I wasn’t born in that era. And like the purpose of this showcase, hopefully this reminds us all of the atrocities so that such events won’t happen to anyone ever, again.

The audio guide was a great help but despite so, I couldn’t finish the exhibition in full detail in 1.5 hrs. I’ve got a flight to catch so in the end I bought the book and shall have to catch up thru reading.

Rushed back to change and check out then off I went. Just as I was on the way, the hailstones started coming, swift and strong

Ride to Airport was fairly smooth, took the train to Zoologischer Garten station and from here there are 3 buses to the airport. Was lucky to catch Bus 109 immediately as I came up from the station and it was a 30mins comfy seated ride to the Terminal station at the airport. The bus alights at Terminal A where I landed the other day and I had to go to Terminal D (short walk across to the next building) for my flight back to Düsseldorf.

As I arrived early, and lucky to meet a kind gentleman at the check in counter, I managed to change to the earlier flight! So no time wasted, in fact I had just enough time to clear security, and even have an ice cream before boarding.

With that, my short getaway to Berlin has come to an end. It’s been an interesting trip, it’s a city that has been through alot and seen alot. And had a special place in war, good and bad. Hopefully generations to come will learn from the history of this city and that they never have to go thru anymore of such.

On a side note, the Berliner Bear is so iconic in this city that you see it everywhere. Any serious establishment had to have one I guess, like the chocolate drenched one at Rittersport.

Flight left on time and so I got back in Düsseldorf ahead of schedule, leaving more time to shop and run errands for others. Good thing I didn’t check in my bag so I was out in 10 mins upon landing and was at my hotel by 4.30pm by train! Super efficient.

Happy to see that some of the Weihnachts Markts have opened and most importantly, my fav Reibekuchen is available already!

Ended the night with dinner with L, who’s moved to Düsseldorf. My first pork knuckles this trip but this one was a little disappointing. Nonetheless, it’s the company that matters.

That concludes my mini holiday but this isn’t the last for the year haha. 1 more biz trip and 1 more short holiday before the year ends. For now, I’ve been away long enough and can’t wait to be home!


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